Google Sends Out New Batch Of Unnatural Link Notifications

In July 2011, just about a year ago, Google first started sending out notifications of unnatural links pointing to your web site. Then in March of this year, Google ramped up this notifications and tons of webmasters received them.

It has been pretty quiet recently on this front, with only a few complaints per day in the forums about these notifications. But that all changed yesterday when tons of webmasters began receiving these notifications.
We have threads in most of the forums but here are some select threads at Google Webmaster Help, Google+ and WebmasterWorld.

Almost all of them plead innocence but the fact of the matter is, they received this notification and they most likely will see a downgrade in ranking within the week. This is a manual penalty that likely lasts 6 months or so and requires a reconsideration request to be removed before the penalty expiration window. Note, if you do nothing, the penalty will probably happen again.
Did you get a notification in the past day or so?


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